Here comes the Sun

Hello again everyone…

I’m sure you all agree that April and May have had unpredictable weather patterns! Yet we are enjoying it all. Especially having reasonable sunny days that only hit the 80’s. Trina has to stay warm but not hot, so this is the perfect time of year for us. Therefore, we are finally getting out and having more creative adventures. We live near the River Trail (a life saver) and do our very best to go for walks daily as that is our main form of exercise. If I speak of this a little over enthusiastically forgive me but after losing almost 2 years of keeping this routine (due to the car accident of 2016), we are celebratory for all progress towards getting our life back.

When we are on our adventures Trina is peaceful as long as we keep her in motion. So, whether it is a bike ride in the WIKE, a walk in the wheelchair, taking exploratory drives – the movement makes the difference!

One of Trina’s nieces, Jadyn, is with us a couple days a week so she joins us in our adventures. She’s 18 months and full of personality. Both nieces love Auntie Trina, but Jadyn sees her weekly and they find each other very interesting and mysterious. Very cute to witness (and video). Jadyn goes for a heart surgery next month (complicated issues) and so prayers are appreciated. We keep Trina updated on all the family stuff so hopefully she can hear us and is receiving the info. I can’t say I know much more than the ‘facts’ about her brain damage, but we treat her as though she is fully functioning.

A current need of Trina’s is dental work. This is a tough one as she has to go to UC Davis and be sedated for it. Last time was 4 years ago, which is too long but it was costing thousands out of pocket and now it is just necessary. Our insurance has an open enrollment in November, which should help as it supplements what Medi-cal will pay. Seems forever away, but please pray everything goes well to allow that to happen. Red tape sometimes mysteriously appears, so thanks in advance for the covering.

Can’t believe we are nearly half way through the year, yet happy to be in 2018, alive and moving forward.

Trina is now making kiss faces, so just know she is sending one now.


From Trina’s mom on behalf of Trina and her fam

2018: Getting Back on Track

Good to be back with you! Our newest website was hacked, so we lost most of our data. Fortunately, we were able to recover the original website with info from 2010 to 2015, only losing 3 years of blogs and pictures. This is our first blog here as we get back on track in 2018!

A huge thank you to Trina’s sister Kacee as she is our personal techie and she got us this far. She’s real busy with her new Design Studio business ( and so one day she will ‘complete this and upgrade it,’ but at least she got me functional again. Hallelujah! She doesn’t like credit for this as is for in her mind it’s not completed but for me to be able to blog and post pictures now is awesome. Perfection can come later. Sorry Kacee! Tee Hee …

To summarize the missing years noted above: In 2016 we had a car accident where we were hit from behind at a high rate of speed and so most ‘activities’ in our lives stopped during that time period due to injuries from that accident. Especially Trina because she went from having no seizures in 6.5 years to having daily seizures for over a year-and-a-half. She also lost her balance, which made her care very difficult as everything took longer. Some challenges remain from the accident but we are about 70% back to where we were before it, which makes 2018 a year for us to celebrate.

Trina’s personality still shines through with day to night smiles that just melt one’s heart. We have learned that not all people have the time or patience to be around her long enough to see what we see. I’ve tried to share that even though I lost the girl I raised, I am simply enjoying another version of her and her spirit is in tact. I thank God every day and I thank her for staying with us. I can still laugh with her and hug her. I have also shared that the beautiful innocence she brings to our household is precious and a blessing to be a part of.

The biggest life changer in 2017 was obtaining a handicapped van. This saved our lives. We are enjoying it so much. Anyone who needs a handicapped van, please contact us and we will share amazing details with you as to how to save a lot of money on your purchase.

Then in March of 2018 we were able to get a new wheelchair. Another game changer. We actually think that this year we might be able to go someone again, after losing nearly 2 years of fun activities! We will be working on that soon.

Please continue to pray for Trina and our family as there are always challenges, but trusting God ourselves and knowing others are praying too, allows us to take each day with a smile and joy in our hearts.

Bless all of you,

Trina’s mom, Sandy


Somehow, since I am not a “techie” my December and January posts are missing.  So this is not only a recap of our year end but a catch up for the New Year too.

As I have shared in previous posts – 2014 began a series of blessings that we are still overwhelmed about to this day.  We now have an awesome area to care for Trina and had other blessings through family that came unexpected, too, so we are so very happy to have a wonderful home to care for Trina in. It is now fully handicapped.  Yay!

We then ran into issues with Trina’s balance and screaming and those we are still working on but each day we have hope as we continue to learn more.

We went without caregivers for a long time and finally had the time to interview about 15 and so came out with 4 that can work for us part time.  Steve and I went to our first “date” with a lunch and matinee in over a year.  It was refreshing but we still miss our Trina-Bina too.  It is like when you have a newborn baby – you need the break but you miss them greatly 🙂

Speaking of babies, Trina is an Auntie now.  Carlyna had her baby (our first grandchild) on Jan. 26th (also the birthday of her sister Corina, too).  It is so nice to have Trina’s sisters not only close, but growing their families right here too. I am very blessed and Trina is blessed.

We continue our walks on the River Trail almost daily.  Of course on these recent windy days I have to bundle Trina up but the outdoors is good no matter what.  She is looking very, very healthy and I am so happy for this. All of my girls have skin-type that is Mediterranean-like so they tan easily.  So, Trina is looking ready for summer already from our walks.

Please continue to pray for us that we will find the medical answers we need about some of the “out of control” areas we are battling with for Trina.  We meet for the 4th time with her doctor March 3rd to discuss meds “again.”  There will be an answer!

Hoping to travel a little this year with her to visit family and friends.  Blessings to all.

I JUST LOVE THIS PICTURE…20150119_214210

MAY 2013

How quickly time passes. May, WOW…

A lot of news to share. We have not been able to get anyone to do Physical Therapy or any other kind of therapy for Trina because she cannot obey ANY command. The system feels she is hopeless. However, we met a group of therapists in Chico at an event for brain injury research (by Dr. Kahn) who work out of Oroville Hospital and they WANTED to work with Trina and will take Medi-cal. Of course this is close to a 3 1/2 hour drive each week, but who cares if we have people vested in Trina. We have been to 3 visits to far and though she cannot obey commands, they are working with her posture and gait to help straighten her up so that her knees and hips are not destroyed over time. Time will tell as to what they can do, but it is surely worth it and we pray for more miracles!

Next, we were invited to speak and give our testimony at a local Eating Disorder Clinic with Dalene Forester of Redding. We had approx. 22 people attend – some who struggle with anorexia themselves (her past and present clients came) as well as parents and grandparents of kids struggling with eating disorder. Everyone was blessed: us being able to share in the hope of preventing harm from this disease to others – and most of them said our testimony was an “eye opener.” We plan on working closely with Dalene Forester to meet with more kids at schools, colleges – wherever it leads. Anorexia and bulimia are serious, life-threatening diseases and must be caught early. Anyone wanting to talk with us more about this, please contact us herein and we will share resources with you.

We just bought a special customized swing for Trina. Will arrive soon. It has a harness with shoulder straps, chest straps, a seatbelt and protection for her legs too … and yet it is a regular swing. She loves the outdoors and it is a way to play with her that is outside and fun and safe. We try to think daily of ways to improve her life and ours with special creations 🙂

Thank you for your prayers and visiting this site for updates. Very soon we will be doing some fundraisers and appreciate you thinking about if there is anything you can do. Even if everyone contributes one dollar – it will make a difference 🙂 This is how we are able to create a more quality life. Each item must be customized.

We cannot wait until August when the contractor John Abacherli does the handicapping of our bathroom for Trina as well as a storage area, etc. pro bono for us. He is totally a blessing from God to our family. He is a fencing contractor but also a general contractor in Redding and we pray people will use his services! Someone with that big of a heart deserves to be blessed back 100-fold.

Enjoy the Redding summer 🙂
God Bless,
Love, Trina’s familyIMAG3351

APRIL 2013

IMAG3280IMAG3351Hi all…

The two pics here are Trina with a few of our grandchildren 🙂 and of course us sharing how beautiful she is when she sleeps!

As for April…

Well – every month is staying busy and full of things to do. We have been taking Trina to see her Grandpa Koury (who is very fragile still after losing my mom just 7 months ago). And, we combined the trip for seeing Grandpa with a trip to San Jose for a Brain injury Walk-a-thon, then on to Santa Cruz for her to see her oldest sister. The trip was awesome, but tiring! We love taking her to see friends and family and see places (but we do it on faith as we have no idea what she sees…we are just praying the stimulus and love keeps her spirit coming forth to where one day we get her cognition back!)…

We also were working hard on starting a foundation, but Steve and Trina have had some difficult health stuff on and off which is making us move slowly. We actually were going to stop it, but the papers just came back from the State. So, one day at a time and see what happens. We wanted to help others with brain injury AND at the same time help Trina via a foundation because it would connect us to a bigger picture out there in the world of brain injury. We have to shout out a thanks to the Brain Injury Association of California, too, as we connected with them over the last few months and met many wonderful, insightful people.

Katrina is a joy, a beautiful joy … and in the ups and downs of it all – she does well most days. We pray mostly for any kind of sign of cognition. That she could speak even a yes or no or nod her head to give us a signal of acknowledgement or be able to eat on her own or … but we are coming up on 3 years (wow) and YES, we have more smiles and she can still stand and walk with assistance but she is very fragile and wobbly and that can be dangerous without 24/7 supervision (just like having a permanent 10 month old). Please continue to pray that God will allow us to experience any of the changes that have her giving us communication. We never know if she is in pain and that is scary.

Thanks again for those of you who check in. We know Trina appreciates you all and would send her love and thanks out if possible.

God Bless from Trina’s family …


Cell photos on our exploration drives 041New HTC phone pics 1300cell phone photo (247) Well, it has been an incredible March. Lots of sunshine for more walks AND taking Katrina on bike rides with the new trailer. Pulling This builds my stamina trying to do hills, etc. pulling the weight of myself and my bike plus Trina’s weight and the trailer too. Good for me !! And, for her.

Some unbelievable blessings came into play. We met a man named John Abacherli (owns a local fence company and is a general contractor too) and along with another company (Elite Builders) have offered to do an expansion in our house to handicap the bathroom as well as add storage for Trina’s medical supplies. We will finally be able to shower Katrina properly and not hurt our backs. Of course we have to pay for the permits and plans and yet they are doing this at no cost to help our family. We may have to pay for some materials, but they are going to see if the local companies like Lowe’s or Home Depot will contribute too. When he first told me I began to cry as it was so overwhelming. This builds our faith to know that there are people out there willing to help others sacrificially to give of their time and talent. Anyone who lives in the Redding area, we encourage you to USE these companies. We will continue to refer them as our way of saying THANKS.

Next, since we are new at starting a non-profit … we joined The Brain Injury Association of California ‘walks for donations’ to both support others with brain injury and network. Last weekend the walk was in Yuba City and this weekend it is in Sacramento at the Capitol. Through this we have met so many people that share the common denominator of brain injury with a family member (or they are recovered, which gives hope.)

We also met with the local eating disorder clinic and we look forward to working with Dalene Forester in order to help prevent anorexia. This relationship is in the making but it is an exciting avenue for us to help in another format.

Lastly, an RN that used to suffer with anorexia, came forth to offer her services with our non-profit. We need helpers and to have one that understands the disease is another blessing to us.

I know everyone tires of the asking for donations, but please just remember that if you are ever able to help in any way – this website allows you to give in any amount. The equipment needs are always costly and never covered by Medi-cal nor is anything holistic…so just keep Trina in your heart with prayers and donations are a blessing whenever they come 🙂 We appreciate each and every one of you that checks in.

Our family sends love and thanks,
SandyIMAG1127June 2012 348351